Operating hours are Tuesdays-Sundays 9am-6pm for our outdoor range in Marikina and daily 10am-7pm for our indoor range in Makati.

For membership inquiries please call (632) 941-4265, 941-7328 for Marikina or (632) 811-1551 for Makati branch.

You can download and print the Membership Form PDF 75kb

Annual Membership
  • $200 USD annually. This already grants you unlimited use of our ranges!
  • For Philippine residents we offer a discounted rate of P 2,500.00 for the first year then P 2,000.00 every year thereafter.
One-Day Membership
  • $100 USD for a one-day package. This includes the use of one pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition (9mm, .40, or .45 caliber)

If your looking for a place to stay, we highly recommend The Marikina Hotel. It's only a short drive to our Marikina range.

  • Safety Glasses: No individual, member or non-member is allowed to use the shooting range without any eye protection.
  • Ear Protection: (Ear Muffs or Ear Plugs)
  • Gun Case, holsters
Allowed Firearm(s)
  • Target firearms or rifles complying with the gun club or PPSA/IPSC standards and/or used in sanctioned matches/ competitions.
  • Pistols and revolvers within the following calibers: 9mm, Super 38, 38 Specials, 10mm; 40 Cal., 45 Cal., 357 Magnum or below.
Restricted Firearm(s)
  • High-powered firearms classified by PNP-Firearms & Explosives Division as such, except for testing or taking ballistics which must be covered and supported by necessary clearance from ASRI office.
  • Any other high-powered firearm(s) or assault rifles that will subject range equipment and property to damage.
Allowed Ammunition(s)
  • Standard ammunitions used and accepted in accordance with the gun club and PPSA/IPSC standards, such as: Plated Round Nose, Full Metal Jacket and bare soft or hard cast lead ammo.
  • Any other special ammo shall be subject to the inspection and approval by ASRI Management.